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  • /ssa takes a parameter 'json' via either GET or POST and the json object has the following required properties:
    • text - the text to parse
    • domains - the list a space separated domains (no domain has a space in it)
    • SS - the space to use
    • type - an integer for the grouping method to use 1-assn, 2-rankby, 3-weight
    • guid - a unique identifier for your account
    • Example: http://dsspp2011.appspot.com/ssa?json={"text":"happy","domains":"combineall Beauty_and_Style","SS":"tasalsa500","type":1,"guid":"19082096-7302-4ac5-9391-712d6c1a66ea"}
  • /comparetext takes a 'json' parameter also via GET or POST
    • text1, text2 are the texts to compare (default "")
    • minStrength is the lowest cosine to use (default 0.0)
    • minWeight is the lowest weight to use (default 0.0)
    • format is either xml or json (default "xml")
    • domain is the domain to use (default "combineall")
    • SS is the space to use (default "tasalsa500")
    • id1, id2, and notes are used internally I think (default "")
    • sort_method is an integer 0-rankby, 1-cosine, 2- weight (default 0)
    • guid is a unique identifier (required, use 19082096-7302-4ac5-9391-712d6c1a66ea)
    • example: http://dsspp2011.appspot.com/comparetext?json={"text1":"happy","text2":"sad","domain":"combineall","SS":"tasalsa500","type":1,"guid":"19082096-7302-4ac5-9391-712d6c1a66ea"}
  • /base will return associations with association strength, weight, and the product of the two
    • example: http://dsspp2011.appspot.com/base?json={"guid":"19082096-7302-4ac5-9391-712d6c1a66ea","minWeight":0,"minStrength":0,"minRankby":0,"wc":0,"category":"news","SS":"tasalsa500","text":"happy","type":"2","domain":"nodomain","format":"xml"}
Please note all JSON strings must use double quotes, single quotes will be an error.

Correct: json={"name":"value"}
Incorrect: json={'name':'value'}
Incorrect: json={'name':"value"}

This is a guid registered to "SKOGuest" that you can give them: